Thursday, December 27, 2007

Planchette:Learn How To Conjure Spirits

Planchette is an instument designed for the purpose of communicating with spirits.It is made of a thin heart shaped piece of wood, that is mounted on two small wheel castors and carrying a pencil pointing downwards. The hand is placed on the wood and the spirit uses the pencil to write, operating through the psychic force of the medium.There is another type of planchette which is a piece of paper with alphabets and digits written on it, which is a simplified form of the original planchette and this type of planchette is going to be detailed here.It serves as a medium to interact with the spirits,to know their feelings and emotions and to get information on whatever you want from the spirits.You may get any kind of information by asking the spirits----what questions may come in the exam?...,does XYZ (someone) love me truly?...who stole my precious swiss wrist-watch?...what is your (the spirits) name and how did you die? there a God in the universe?...who is the murderer of XYZ?...and so on.But it all depends on the mood if the spirit whether you will get a proper answer or not.If the spirit you've called is approachable and begins answering properly then you should consider yourself lucky as you may get an enjoyable friend to gossip with.But if the spirit seems irascible and uncommunicative then its better to say him goodbye right at the beginning (in as polite a tone as you can,mind it).


To begin,you will first of all have to make a board in a certain pattern.Then take a pen and write the alphabets from A to Z and the digits 0 to 9 on the sides of the paper.Then make a circle of the size of a coin exactly at the centre of the paper and write "centre" in it.Then draw two other circles, one to the right and the other to the left of the central circle at equal distance.Write "YES" in the left circle and "NO" in the right circle.Then draw a small rectangular box above the central circle and write "WELCOME" in it.Draw another rectangle below the circle and write "PLEASE GO" in it.Your planchette is now ready.There are some other types of planchettes too such as Ouija Board,Automatic Writing etc but this method of conjuring spirits is no less effective than the others.Another thing you need to know is that there is no specific rules regarding the making of the planchette and you may make it in any way you like provided that it is 'spirit-friendly'.As long as the spirit understands your board it's alright.Don't make your board too complex by placing more circles,words and rectangles other than those I have recommended.Use a hardboard under the paper so that the coin,when placed on the circle,may move to any direction freely.


After the completion of the planchette you need to collect a few of your friends as this requires two people or more (usually a maximum of four).Try to avoid sceptical and non-serious friends as they may spoil your plan.At midnight all the four choose a quiet room,lock it from inside to check disturbances from others,place the planchette on the bed or floor and sit around it.You will need a few other things besides the planchette board such as a lighter, a candle, a torchlight, incense sticks, a picture of the dead person whose spirit you want to call, a piece of paper and a pen to jot down the answers if you want.Place the picture on one side of the board and light the candle and incense sticks (optional) in front of it.Switch off the lights, place a coin or any other light circular object on the central circle of the board, place the forefingers of all the participants on the coin gently and then close then close your eyes and meditate.While meditating be completelely relaxed and visualize the dead person, his countenance in your mind and implore him to come and join you.After a few minutes of silence and meditation open your eyes and ask him "If you have come then move the coin to the 'welcome' rectangle".If no response comes then meditate again and concentrate more.When the spirit comes he will move the coin to the rectangle above the circle.Ask him to move to the centre and you'll see the coin returning back to the circle.Begin asking him questions and he will answer your questions in "YES" or "NO" by moving the coin to the left or right circle.If you want to have a detailed reply he will keep on moving the coin over the alphabets one after another, staying for just a second or two on any alphabet to convey the answer.For example if you want to know his name (eg. JOHN) he will move the coin first to "J",stay a second, then on "O", then "H" and "N" and finally returning back to the centre for further command.While asking him questions be cautious not to ask anything insulting or to show disbelief in his answers or to repeat the same question again and again.Have control over yourself, be polite while asking, never snigger or whisper or blame each other thinking that someone among you is moving the coin deliberately.If anyone wants to keep his fingers off the coin do so after asking the spirit.Remember, never call the spirit of a dead person who died recently i.e. less than a month ago as there are some hidden dangers.Don't ask the spirit to show his power, to prove his existence or to do a work for you as this may also be harmful to you (the spirits are generally polite but there are exceptions too!).It's not proper to command the spirit authoritatively as he is no slave to you and he comes of his own will rather than the magical force of the planchette.When you are exhausted asking questions and getting replies thank the spirit and ask him to go away through the 'PLEASE GO" rectangle.The coin will move downwards touching the rectangle and coming to a standstill.All of you can then remove your fingers. To get rid of any sort of confusion during the 'question-hour' it is better to make a questionnaire beforehand.

From my personal experiences I have seen that if the spirit in some way gets insulted it never comes back again and if comes again it just disturbs by not replying properly or not allowing any other spirit to come.Those who insult may mumble or scream or sweat excessively at sleep. At a few other instances I have seen the table-clocks stop working and starting to work when touched. Remember that the more sceptical you are there are less chances of the coming of spirits.So dispel disbelief at least for a few hours/minutes during the process.You may even call spirits (and they often come!) only with the planchette board without any candle, picture or incense sticks but it may sometimes displease the spirits as they may consider it as disrespect.Planchette is always more effective while doing at midnight or thereafter as we are better able to concentrate at those hours.I have recently known that the spirits don't like or get difficulty in coming at day hours (I am not sure about this fact).If you fail to conjure any spirits then try to change the place do it somewhere else.It may also help you getting rid of disturbing spirits.Another thing I have found out from my experiences is that the spirits can tell of things of the present or the past more accurately.But it is seen that it often fails to give accurate details of something to be happened in the distant future.It can give information more accurately from the near future (usually a week hanceforth) only. This is only a personal observation based on experience and there may may be exception.


Planchette is a part of occult science and it has always given rise to a conflict between doubt and belief in our minds since a long time.Various people interpret it in various ways often trying to give a scientific interpretation of it("ideomotor effect").But science is also insufficient to be used as a litmus paper to test its reality.Science is merely working under a pretence of rationalism and one simple question is sufficient to debase the so-called rationality of science---"How vast is the universe and where is its limit?". Can we think that science will ever be able to answer it?Can we think about any possible convincing answer to it?If ever science succeeds in finding out the extreme limit of the universe shall we be pleased? Shall not our inquisitive minds ask what lies beyond that? So how long can we call ourselves rational and remain self-complacent with the scientific interpretations? So now we see that the basis of the universe itself is irrational and it seems more rational on our parts to be irrational. This leads us to believe in the seemingly irrational things and concepts like planchette and spirits. Rabindranath Tagore,the Nobel Laureate in Literature (1913), is also said to have often communicated with the spirits through planchette in his own household. Once he asked the spirit of a deceased friend, "How does it feel being a member of the other world?".He got a witty reply,----"Why should I let you know the answer to the question so easily for which I had to wait all my life till death to know ?".Nevertheless it must be admitted that the issues of spirits,ghosts,witches,jinns and fairies are still vague and no final conclusion have been made so far. Further research and inspection by intellectuals on these issues may reveal many a secret of the unknown world which may be helpful in clearing the cobwebs that have blinded mankind so far.This author will be glad to share your feelings, experiences and instructions on such issues. Please go to the comments section of this page & share your views.